Get to Know Us Part 2

During our last chat, we got to know Allan and Roy better and how the T-Bô journey began. I am so excited to share the final part of the interview.

Part 2 gives you more insight into the product and what it has to offer….so let’s get straight into it.

get to Know Us Part 2

Don : Can you tell our readers more about the different ranges available to them?

Roy : Our new underwear collection consists of three ranges: The Must Have Range, The Ballsy Range and the Comfy as F*** Range. All  products are bamboo-based and have been designed with a unique cut and fabric .

Don : What is this unique fabric and cut you speak of?

Allan : That would be Bamboo Viscose. The benefits are really cool, for instance, it is softer than cotton, it has anti-bacterial properties and is hypoallergenic. But here is the real kicker.....For me part of discomfort of my old underwear was caused by feeling too hot, but with Bamboo Viscose I do not have this issue anymore as it offers me coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. And bamboo uses way less water to grow than cotton...Pretty amazing right?!

Roy : The community wanted underwear that allows us to move, so the leg openings are designed to allow maximum leg movement.

Allan : And let’s talk about “The Pouch”. Our pouch cut offers way more freedom for your precious parts *wink wink*. It’s important you feel good around there.

Roy : Hahaha Can you tell we are really passionate about our products? What we have also learnt from the community is that the label can be super annoying which is why we have a tearable label in the new collection....Sounds like a minor detail but it’s a different life.

Don : HAHA I can certainly tell you guys are super passionate, you are practically jumping out of your seats just talking about the products. What about future plans, how does upcoming new developments for T-Bô look?

Roy : We are currently working on some developments….But you will have to stick around to for more updates on newness.

Don : “I AM BECAUSE OF YOU” – Talk to me about this powerful yet inclusive slogan.

Allan : I AM BECAUSE OF YOU is not just a slogan. It is why we believe life is worth living. We got this far because of all the Men in the community who participated in creating these new products.

Roy : “That’s why WE ARE BECAUSE OF YOU."

Don : Guys, to end off, do you have any last words for our readers?

Allan : If you want to talk about candies or coffee reach out ;)

Roy : haha but on a serious note, Enjoy your T-Bô undies guys. This all would have not been possible with you!

So we have come to the end and I must say I find it rather inspiring that an entire community was built from a simple conversation between two friends....



Till next time


T-Bô Bodywear

Check out T-Bô Ballsy Underwear

The Ballsy range Fabric is Made of Our Premium Bamboo Viscose Click this link to see more

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