Is it time to make the change : Bamboo vs Cotton

More often than not, our underwear choices have remained the same, well since we were kids. I have always been told that 100% cotton is the best and don’t bother with the rest, and I am sure many of you have had similar experiences.  But is it time to ask ourselves, does our past underwear choices still work for us today?

Understandably cotton is what we know and what we are familiar with, but what if there is more out there. More comfort and more happiness for our balls :)

What made me ask this question in the first place, is that I see bamboo popping up everywhere on Instagram! Bamboo this, Bamboo that, Bamboo is literally everywhere.

I get that the inhabitants of the world are now becoming more conscious of their choices after the negative effect we have had on the earth for generations, but I need to ask, can bamboo be the solution?

So I put on my research cap and started reading up on this grass (nope not tree, it is a grass:) )

Cotton has been a firm favorite throughout time, so much so that it goes all the way back to 5000BC (insane). Previously it was known as the better choice because it is soft, durable and inexpensive. Also known to be moisture absorbing, but only small doses…

Times have certainly changed thanks to research and development…

Much to my surprise, apparel made from bamboo offers all the benefits of cotton and much more.

Not only is bamboo softer than cotton, it feels like silk on your body. Fabric made from bamboo fibers takes the shape of you, draping your precious goods in what feels like clouds whilst offering you support.  

Unlike its cotton counterpart, Bamboo is moisture absorbent, hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties…

Thanks to its softness and durability, household goods such as bedding and towels are now being manufactured from this grass! Just about anything can be produced from this miracle grass from reusable eating utensils, straws, and even toothbrushes. Making it super versatile, and not to mention strikingly good looking in any shape or form.  

So back to my question, is bamboo the solution as a more eco-friendly option…And the answer is YES.

Migrating over to bamboo-based products can be seen as a win-win situation. The benefits for YOU outweigh that of any other fabric, especially for your crown jewels. As for the environmental point of view, it is much more sustainable than cotton. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth and it requires very little water for survival. Cotton, on the other hand, requires more water to grow.

In my opinion, I think it is time to say …..” Move on over cotton, It’s time for Bamboo to shine “

Save Water, Wear T-Bô

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