Test & Train With The Gallery, UNLMTD. & T-Bô

2nd Test & Train Co-Created by The Gallery, UNLMTD & your fav' Bodywear Brand.... T-Bô ;-)
Imagine... Eliminating all your stress... Feeling energized...And just feeling great in your body!
that's how you feel after one of our T&T fitness session...
Don't believe me?
Check out the pics bellow.. And you'll know I'm damn right ;-)
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
Coach Hülya from UNLMTD explaining the different exercices 
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
Let's warm up guys!
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
Haters gonna say we just trying to advertise our bodywear brand...
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
Abs time... It's gonna hurt
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
We didn't pose for that one... I swear...
T-Bô Test & Train Zürich
Look... How happy we all are... Feeling great! That could have been you....
FOMO feelings? (Fear Of Missing Out) 
Don't worry... We are already planning the next T&T... Keep posted.


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