About Us

We started our journey in 2017 when we realized how impossible it was to find a pair of pants that worked with you, not against you. They were all hot, restricting and riding up! So we set to work on creating the ultimate pair of pants, fit for the modern man and his lifestyle....

As we strongly believe that the best ideas are the result of collaboration, we brought together a community of men from across the globe to collaboratively create this new underwear experience. T-Bô's co-creative approach is a world first amongst underwear brands, and the reason for all the breakthrough innovations.

We only started last year but are growing very quickly.. we have an incredible engagement on all social media channels all over the world with over 120,000 Facebook fans and over 15,500 Instagram followers and growing. T-Bô has collaborated with Mister France before and our undies are worn by dozens of high-profile Instagram celebrities and male models.

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