Get to Know Us Part 1

My name is Don, AND I am proud member of T-Bô!!!!

My first days at the T-Bô HQ was a confusing time. I had two guys constantly talking to me about “co-creation” and “community”.....well bla bla bla to be honest.

This is a radical business model, one that I was not used to or have even heard of. But let me tell you, as the weeks rolled on by, my amazement grew more and more each day! All this was achieved just by listening to all of you, the T-Bô community.

I got the opportunity to sit down with Allan and Roy, co-founders of T-Bô to get a little more insight into the brand.


Don : Hey Guys! Let’s start off by introducing yourselves and telling us something about you…

Allan : Hey Don! Howzit going? My name is Allan Perrottet, and I loooove candy!

Roy : Heeeeey…I am Roy Bernheim and I believe I used to be Nemo in a past life  hahah

Don : So T-Bô is known as the “Designed by Men, for Men” brand. Can you tell me how this all began?

Allan : You know, Roy and I were hanging out one day, just having an ordinary Swiss day making chocolate and eating fondue :) I was fidgety and clearly uncomfortable, that even Roy had noticed! He was like "Dude what is up with you"...and as we spoke, and I realised the problem was MY UNDERWEAR! Funny enough, Roy had the same issues at times.

Roy : It felt like an annoying itch that we could not scratch. Is it to much to ask for comfortable underwear that is stylish?  We searched and shopped for the perfect pair, only to end up empty handed. This led us to chat to family and friends...and guess what. All our male peers had similar underwear challenges.

Allan : It completely baffled us, how is it possible not to find underwear for men in today's world that fits our natural shape, with no chafing. At this point it had become our mission to find a solution. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!




Don : Hectic, that a simple conversation between two friends has evolved into a much larger challenge that needed to be solved .This brings me to my next question...As you know the concept of “co-creation” was absolutely foreign to me when I stepped through those doors on my first day and this is the reason why T-Bô is such a success story today.

What is co-creation?

Allan : The days of a brand telling you what you want and what to buy are long gone. T-Bô has taken the approach of co-creation, which means that our underwear has been designed based on your and the community's feedback and input....100%. And did I mention, that this community includes 126,463 men globally and is still growing!

Roy : This ultimately led us to create a totally new fabric - a unique blend of Bamboo Viscose and Birch Tree Micro-modal that feels like you are not wearing anything at all! Co-creation has given us the opportunity to create THE ultimate range of underwear guaranteed to make you feel great and look great!       

Allan : We noticed that the more we asked questions and the more we listened, the better we understood the needs of men. And we will continue to ask questions and listen to really understand our needs.


Don : So you are telling me that all T-Bô products were designed purely based on the feedback from the community?

Roy : Yes ! If you open a space for collaboration, people from all over the world are more than happy to work together to achieve a common goal.

Allan : Stepping away from the conventional industry standards has been the best decision we have ever made. What the community told us was right all along this journey.

Roy : We are the first truly co-created underwear brand:)

Hope you enjoyed that read :)

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