Brand Manifesto


We believe that joy comes from the little things that we can appreciate every single day.
That's why we set out to develop the perfect underwear together with men that know what they want.
They want to be heard and seen.
They want to always stay comfortable and confident.
They want to feel good and that's exactly what we acheived as a community.
A second skin that's soft and breathable, honest yet flattering.
It comes in various color to suit every mood.
It shows off the goods that men were given in the best possible way.

The TBô Difference

What’s TBô doing that’s got men totally hyped? Developed by guys like you to fit guys like you, there’s a reason (actually there are a few) why people call their TBôs “the most comfortable everyday men’s underwear.”

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TBô’s Commitment

When we say that TBô is built on sustainability and ethics, we mean that from the ground up.Here are the three foundational ways that TBô is minimizing its impact on the planet and ensuring the wellbeing of everyone in the supply chain, including you.

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About Us

TBô Bodywear is the world’s first DirectByConsumer brand. It’s TBô's customers—the 400,000-strong Tribe—who decide the brand’s direction and which products get made.Co-founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2017 by Roy Bernheim and Allan Perrottet, TBô’s innovative, sustainable bodywear now sells in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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