You know what your boys down under needs to be comfortable. That's why we're all ears when it comes to your desires and essentials. In addition to getting cozy in the TBô community, you can hop on board with our surveys for men's underwear creation! Ready to make your voice heard? Join in the fun now:

Co-Created Stuff We're Super Proud Of:

Cargo Underwear

This unique men's underwear comes with pockets to keep all your valuables safe (and we're not just talking about your crown jewels). They feature

- Compression pocket for phone
- Keys Loop
- Hidden Pocket for Credit Card or Cash.


Bamboo Jockstrap

The Bamboo Jockstrap has been meticulously designed with the input of our community! It become one of our most sought-after products and continue to be a best-seller among our men's underwear.


The Travel Hoodie

The travel hoodie is designed to be perfect for those of us that are constantly on the go! With hidden pockets, a lightweight fabric and a zipper, this bad boy is the comfiest bamboo menswear item you'll ever own!



Co-Creation is our way of making sure your everyday comfort comes first when it comes to men's underwear.

Forget those old days when fast-fashion giants told you what to wear and when. Now, as a member of the TBô Tribe, you're not just a customer; you're the co-pilot in the cockpit of cool and comfy undies.

We believe in democracy without the politics. No defending or justifying your choice.

You have the power to co-create the underwear you love, simply by taking quick multiple-choice surveys.

Our "AHA" moment came when we nervously sent out our first 20-question survey in 2017. We weren't sure if anyone would respond, let alone if it would all be negative. But over 40% of the Tribe chimed in with constructive feedback, and we realized it had a name: co-creation.

Since then, the community has grown significantly and our TBô Community features rooms for men from all walks of life.