It’s all about that Birch

I despise getting out of bed on a cold wintery morning...The struggle is real…. getting out of bed whilst the sun still sleeps is daunting :(

But no matter the season, whether it is flaming hot or freezing cold, I am thankful each and every day for my T-Bô underwear from the awesome new collection :)

My T-Bô undies are without a doubt one of my wardrobe staples throughout the year, no matter sun, rain or snow. Thanks to the unique blend of bamboo viscose and birch tree micromodal in the Comfy AF range,  I can enjoy the same level of comfort throughout all seasons! So my nuts won’t be freezing off this winter or sweating in summer (HAHA).

All through the co-creation process of the new collection, it was clear to us that the T-Bô community (including you) is environmentally conscious, which is great as we all feel the same way. Your feedback guided us in researching and sourcing the ideal and best fabric blends that met our

It’s all about that Birch


requirements. The Comfy AF range from our new collection is made up of 47,5% Bamboo viscose and 47,5% Birch Tree Micromodal.

Now it is time for me to share the secrets of the Birch Tree Micromodal….

Our Birch Tree fibers are only obtained from sustainable sources around the world. When the fibers are manufactured, a system called “closed-looped system” is in place. This simply means that the waste and water usage is kept to the bare minimum as possible. In fact, some of the by-products from the manufacturing process are passed on to other industries to be re-used. High FIVE for eco-friendly underwear!

Micromodal is a strong and flexible fabric. But one of its most kick-ass features is that it is super soft, almost like satin. I must say, it feels like I am wearing nothing at all but I feel super supported and it looks so good :)


Now it's your turn to join in on this experience.

Check out T-Bô Ballsy Underwear

The Ballsy range Fabric is Made of Our Premium Bamboo Viscose Click this link to see more

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