What colour attracts women or men

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming...which means love is in the air!!! 

And man oh man, all the beautiful people are out and about. I can actually see their faces as they are not wrapped up in scarves and gloves (HAHA)

I  come across many gorgeous beings on the daily! I would love to talk to them, but the idea of walking up to someone to introduce myself is not appealing whatsoever! It’s not that I don’t want to, I would love nothing more. It's more a question of confidence and those dreaded nerves that seem to get to me in an instant… 

All I want is to get noticed without having to do much! I was chatting to a buddy about my challenge, and he made a simple but seemingly effective suggestion…..all that is needed is a simple styling upgrade.

You see, the brain is a wonderful tool, it can be programmed to associate certain smells, tastes and even colours with specific attributes. For example, the smell of the ocean can invoke a sense of peacefulness and holiday for certain people. Or the colour pink for instance, whilst this colour is connected with femininity it but it is not associated with intelligence.

So back to the styling upgrade...wearing The Color Red is all it takes….

The University of Cambridge conducted a study on chameleons and the changing colour of the male whilst seeking out a partner. The study concluded that the male chameleons were not afraid of using attractive colour to attract a mate even though it might attract predators. Literally putting their lives at risk and “ they were unafraid to die for love “. Read study here  

So much like the animal kingdom, donning on the colour red might just work in your favour to get noticed without even doing much.

A person wearing red is perceived to have a higher status and to be powerful. My personal favorite is the perception of being passionate and generally more sexually attractive. If you think about it, celebrities walk the red carpet for a reason and red ties are common accessory amongst many men in governmental positions.

Attracting a partner has never been easy, but after doing some reading, I really do believe my chances of being noticed by a potential partner can be increased by wearing red. I want an edge over other guys and to stand out from the crowd to attract women more easily.

So I say let’s all us singletons take a note out of nature's black book and start rocking that red.

Before I go, did you know that red can work for you in the boardroom and bedroom !!! Red is likely to make you feel more confident to strut your stuff.  Which in turn might just impress that special someone.

From a personal point of view, I definitely feel like “the man”  when I am wearing my red ballsy! But for now, I am off to update my closet to give this a go. I would love to hear your thoughts on wearing red, comment below!

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