General Terms of Sale

Article 1 : Scope of application and modification of the General Terms of Sale

These General Terms of Sale apply for orders, the shipping of items and subscriptions ordered online by the customer on the website of T-Bô. 

T-Bô has the right to adapt or modify its General Terms of Sale at all times. These changes will immediately apply to all new orders.


Article 2: Scope of application

These services are exclusively subject to the current General Terms of Sale.


Article 3 : Begin of contract

All of T-Bô’s offers are without obligation. The contract between the customer and T-Bô starts with an order by the client and its acceptation by T-Bô. The order is made on the internet, by filling out an order form provided by T-Bô. T-Bô accepts the order by the delivery or partial delivery of the ordered items.


Article 4 : Termination of a subscription

T-Bô offers single deliveries: one payment in advance, one delivery, without renewal.

Gif subscriptions: recurrent payments in advance, multiple deliveries, with automatic renewal.

Subscription :recurrent payments in advance, several deliveries, with an automatic renewal of the subscription. The subscriptions are subject to tacit renewals until cancellation. T-Bô must receive a written cancellation notice by e-mail or directly on his account settings one month before expiration of the contract. The refusal of a delivery will not count as a cancellation. If cancellation does not occur on time the subscription is renewed automatically.


Article 5 : Shipping

All deliveries are carried out from the stock.
The dates and deadlines mentioned by T-Bô are given for information purposes. The ordered items are split into multiple partial deliveries. Those partial deliveries are carried out in regular intervals throughout the duration of the contract. If a customer refuses to accept a delivery, T-Bô may decide to withdraw from the contract.


Article 6 : Title retention clause

T-Bô remains the owner of the ordered boxer shorts until the reception of the customer’s full payment of the amount owed for the current contractual duration.


Article 7 : Payment

The payment is due at the first partial delivery. In Switzerland and in all other countries, the customer can settle the owed amount by credit card.


Article 8. Shipping fees

T-Bô applies a flat rate international shipping fee of $7.95 for each order bellow $70 in value. All orders over $70 in value are eligible for Free Express International Shipping. This clause applies to shipments all over the world.


Article 9 : Price

T-Bô reserves the right to modify its prices at any given moment, but commits to apply the prices showed at the time of an order.



Article 10 : Right of return

In case of unsuitability, T-Bô concedes its customers the right to return ordered items within one month after the date of delivery. Used, unwrapped or damaged items are excluded from the right of return.


Article 11 : Data protection

The customer’s personal data is solely collected in the setting of the legal framework. The customer allows the postal service to communicate his or her exact address if a shipment could not be sent to the indicated address.


Article 12 : Final dispositions

The invalidity of one or several clauses of these General Terms of Sale do not lead to the total invalidity of the contract. An invalid clause will be replaced by a valid and legal clause.

This contract is exclusively under the authority of Swiss law. In case of litigation, the place of jurisdiction is exclusively Fribourg, appeals being possible.


Article 13 : Original text

T-Bô’s General Terms of Sale are written in French, German and English. In case of a contraction, the French version should be considered binding.

Fribourg, January 2017