TBô - Our Story

Our story began in 2014, halfway across the globe when we were introduced by a mutual friend. 

From then on, something unique transpired from listening to each other and our individual stories. 

Fast forward to 2017,  and this is when TBô was re-born! 

We are Allan Perrottet and Roy Bernheim, co-creators and part of the TBô Tribe. 

Now we could tell you how we founded TBô, but the truth is, this isn’t about us. 

This is the story about the TBô Tribe who comes from all over the world. 

We see ourselves as catalysts of starting the conversation between people from our direct peer groups and globally. What began as discussions about our disgruntled feelings towards men’s underwear, soon evolved into something much bigger.

Leaving aside all judgment and criticism, a safe space was created for men to talk about life and the challenges we face. The conversation started flowing,  and it has not stopped since then. This is how our likeminded Tribe came into being.  

The Tribe’s mission is to turn the fashion industry upside down by co-creating eco-friendly & demand-driven everyday clothing. 

This business model has seen TBô grow since it’s commencement, which now includes over 400 000 members from the Tribe and customers.

- So what are we about? 1. Sure, we make the most comfortable…. 2. But it’s not only about that. We also have very active email lists and Facebook groups where inclusive and open-minded people from the entire world meet and exchange ideas, dreams and worries around self-development, positive masculinity, physical and mental health.