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The V-Neck Tee

The V-Neck Tee

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Bamboo Undershirt made of 95% Bamboo Viscose & 5% Spandex 

Co-Creation Co-Created Underwear - It's like Democracy but without the politics.
 Comfy Bamboo Fabric - It's like being hugged by a feather
 Temperature Regulating - No more hard boiled eggs
Odor Control - Keeps odors in check
Sustainable - Organic Bamboo

1.V-Neck with 2 functional buttons

2.Slim fitted cut for extrem comfort

3.Discreet T-Bô branding label with hidden message for your close one(s)

4.BodyComfy© bamboo and birch tree fabric as soft as silk, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and as breathable as synthetic fibers but natural and sustainable

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  • tbo moisture wicking underwear


    No more sticky discomfort. TBôs Moisture-wicking underwear will leave your nether regions dry and comfortable. The way they’re meant to be.

  • Odor Controlling underwear

    Odor Controlling

    Antimicrobial, to keep the funk away. Fresh-smelling eggs, no matter the weather. No more unpleasant whiffs emanating from down under!

  • Sustainable Bamboo fabric


    We don’t just take care of your goods, we take care of the planet too! We use the highest quality Bamboo fabric to make our underwear sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Bulge enhancing underwear

    Bulge Enhancing

    Get the perfect frontal profile without invasive techniques. Our next-gen contour pouch will leave your manly package turning heads wherever you go.

  • Temperature Regulating Underwear

    Temperature Regulating

    Keeping you comfortable. Your family jewels will be in 7th heaven with the perfect temperatures below the belt thanks to the temperature regulation of your TBôs.

  • Breathable underwear


    Say goodbye to stuffy, compressed, hard-boiled eggs. Our breathable underwear designs will make sure your jewels get the fresh air they need when they need it.